What are we doing?

The BC Human Rights Clinic has partnered with the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres on a new and exciting project that will improve Indigenous people’s access to legal information, resources, and referrals for human rights issues.

The Project has three parts:

1. Educational sessions for Friendship Centre staff on human rights in BC;
2. Summary legal advice clinics;
3. Community-led education projects.

1. Education Sessions
The Indigenous Human Rights Training Project will provide Friendship Centre staff with training on human rights to:

• Increase their awareness of BC’s human rights laws
• Increase awareness of the human rights complaints process
• Increase the availability and accessibility of legal information
The trainings will be informative, interactive, and practical learning opportunities.

The workshops will provide participants with tools to spot human rights violations, as well as information to help serve Indigenous people in their communities.

2. Summary Legal Advice Clinics
A human rights lawyer from the Clinic will be available to provide short sessions with community members to discuss and provide legal advice on human rights issues they may be experiencing.

3. Community-Led Education Projects
Through the community-led education projects, the Clinic will support Friendship Centres to develop and provide culturally relevant community resources.

Why are we doing this project?

BC’s human rights complaint system is used infrequently by Indigenous people in BC. While Indigenous people have made complaints to the Human Rights Tribunal about racial profiling, discrimination in the delivery of services, and other important matters, we know that much of the discrimination faced by Indigenous people goes unaddressed. Research and community studies indicate that human rights information is not accessible to many Indigenous communities, is not culturally relevant, and is not reaching the communities that need it. This project aims to address some of these gaps.

We are grateful to the Law Foundation of BC for their financial support for the project.

For more information, please contact:
Beverly Brown, Indigenous Human Rights Project Coordinator
Phone: 604-673-3144
Cell phone: 778-980-5492 Email: