The BC Human Rights Clinic provides free legal assistance to people with provincial human rights complaints.

Our services include:

Telephone Inquiry Line – Available to all

  • Live help, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm
  • General information about human rights and complaints process
  • Call 604-622-1100 or toll free 1-855-685-6222 or email at [email protected]

 Short Service Clinic – Available to all

  • Half-hour appointments in-person or by telephone to anyone in BC every Wednesday (except holidays)
  • Lawyers and advocates assist complainants at any stage of the process, including before a complaint is filed
  • Appointments can be booked at

Summary Advice (Legal Consultations) – By application

  • 1 to 2-hour meetings with a lawyer or advocate to provide legal information and advice to people whose complaint has been accepted for filing by the Tribunal
  • Apply here:

Legal Representation – By application

Public Legal Education

To learn more about the BC Human Rights Tribunal and the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, read our blog:

Who’s who in BC’s Human Rights Landscape.

Our Purposes

  • To provide an opportunity for better understanding of human rights;
  • To provide legal assistance and mediation services for complainants with respect to their human rights complaints;
  • To provide education and training on human rights and related matters.

Summary of Services

Our services integrate information, advocacy and education. Our advocacy program protects existing rights and our education program helps to prevent discrimination. Together, this integrated approach works to promote and strengthen human rights.

In delivering these services we often coordinate with other service providers to ensure the most effective allocation of resources. We also strive to work with all sectors when delivering services to ensure the broadest possible approach to the elimination of discrimination.

The BC Human Rights Clinic is operated by the Community Legal Assistance Society and funded by the BC Ministry of Attorney General.