Our workshops help people understand their rights and responsibilities under BC’s human rights laws.

We offer public education workshops and training sessions on a range of human rights topics. Sessions raise awareness about human rights law across the province and help employers, HR professionals, housing providers, and other service providers, as well as the general public, to understand their rights and responsibilities under BC’s human rights laws.

Our workshops are dynamic, engaging, and will leave you feeling confident and empowered to centre human rights in your work.

What we offer

Information and training on the basics of human rights law:

  • What are human rights?
  • How are human rights protected?
  • What can I do if my human rights are violated?
  • What can I expect if I file a human rights complaint?

Information and training for businesses – employers, managers, human resource professionals, small business owners and more – on preventing human rights complaints and complying with human rights obligations:

  • The duty to accommodate employees with disabilities
  • Preventing, investigating and responding to sexual harassment
  • Creating a respectful, inclusive and discrimination-free workplace
  • Process and procedures of the Human Rights Tribunal

Information and training for other groups with human rights obligations:

  • Landlords
  • Stratas
  • Service providers
  • Unions
  • Educational institutions
  • Band councils

Public legal education on new, timely and developing human rights issues. For example:

  • COVID-19 and human rights
  • Accommodating students with special needs
  • New case developments and changes in the law

Support and advice to community organizations, advocates and service providers to help them meet the human rights needs of their clients

Information for law-makers and other decision-makers about trends, issues and law reform priorities in the area of human rights

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I learned more than I could have expected.

Well worth attending.

The presenter was engaging, informative and sensitive.

I loved it all! Great overview without becoming overwhelmed by information.

A great day – thank you!