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14 Feb, 2020

Ground-breaking human rights hearing for Indigenous families in the foster care system

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By Aleem Bharmal, QC, Human Rights Lawyer

The BC Human Rights Clinic is representing an Indigenous mother in the case RR v Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society (VACFSS) which is set to proceed to hearing at the BC Human Rights Tribunal from […]

15 Jan, 2020

Advancing Justice for Indigenous Peoples

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Last week, news broke that an Indigenous man and his 12 year-old grand-daughter were arrested and handcuffed by Vancouver police. They had gone to a Bank of Montreal branch to open the girl’s first bank account, but a staffer apparently became suspicious and called […]

3 Dec, 2019

New Resource- Guide to Enforcing a Tribunal Order or Settlement Agreement

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By Alanna Tom, CLAS Articling Student

New Resource – Guide to Enforcing a Tribunal Order or Settlement Agreement

Clients sometimes ask us what happens if a respondent does not comply with the terms of a settlement agreement. People may also wonder how the Tribunal enforces its orders […]

21 Nov, 2019

Ontario Court finds University Discriminated in Admissions Decision: Longueepee v. University of Waterloo

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The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently released an important decision about a university’s duty to accommodate a student with disabilities. The Longueépée decision sets out legal principles with potentially significant impacts on students with disabilities and service providers alike, making it an important case for parties on both sides to know.

4 Sep, 2019

Who’s Who in BC’s Human Rights Landscape?

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By Laura Track

There are several important players in BC’s human rights landscape. Because so many have “human rights” in their name, it’s easy to mix them up.

Here are four of the key players:

The BC Human Rights Tribunal

The Tribunal is like a court. It hears and […]

5 Dec, 2018

“Squishing” into a tight rental housing market: Family status protections for tenants

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By Laura Track

This article was originally published in the Winter 2018 issue of Landlord BC’s magazine called The Key.

Robbin Abernathy is the mother in a family of six.[1] Like many families in BC, she has struggled to find appropriate rental housing […]

7 Nov, 2018

Human Rights Tribunal decision provides important remedies for resort workers

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By Jonathan Blair

In March of this year, a lawyer with the Human Rights Clinic, Dan Soiseth, represented a group of nine former employees (the Complainants) at a BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing against their former employer, Spruce Hill Resort and Spa Ltd. (the Resort) and […]

29 Oct, 2018

Accommodating mental health – breaking down the stigma

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By Abisola Omotayo

recent decision[1] of the BC Human Rights Tribunal emphasizes the need for service providers to accommodate individuals with mental health issues. The case involved the alleged denial of service by a BC restaurant to a person with mental illnesses. The customer […]

24 Oct, 2018

Equality in Hiring – When are interview questions discriminatory?

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By Jonathan Blair

Applying for a job can be an exciting and stress-inducing time. The stakes are high for job applicants – their literal livelihood may depend on the outcome. We all want to make a good impression and be evaluated on the skills and experience […]